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Update on Ryder Hospital

Authored by Sue DeSocio, CEO, Foundation Medical Partners

On January 24, through the generosity of Southern New Hampshire Health employees, we delivered care packages of pillows, sheets, towels, clothes, gift cards, and personal notes from our staff, to the staff at Ryder Hospital. It was a happy day for both teams, and included some tears of joy.

I am happy to report our friends at Ryder continue to make progress toward recovery from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria, but support of their efforts from insurance and other official means continues to be a struggle. You may recall that the hospital lost use of 4 floors due to wind and rain damage. Jose Feliciano, the hospital administrator reported they expect to have the second floor that houses the operating rooms back in operation next month. This means more of the furloughed staff will be able to return to work and many of their patients will receive care they have been waiting for.

We also delivered a check for $10,000, the first installment of a donation to an Employee Assistance Fund. Dr. Deanna Hallman, Chief Medical Officer, noted this donation inspired the Ryder Board of Directors to set up a formal employee assistance program and when the hospital is back on their feet they have pledged to match any donation made by a Ryder employee.

We parted with a presentation of a gift, sent with us from Julie Hanson, practice manager from Foundation Medical Partners. It was a plaque with the inscription "Hope. Faith, Perseverance". Maria Figueroa, Director of Human Resources, noted she knew just the place to hang the plaque. Everyone was touched by the message of hope.

We will continue to to send hope and support to this amazingly resilient medical community. Strong work SNHHS team!


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