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SNHH Support for Ryder Families...

Authored by Sue DeSocio, CEO Foundation Medical Partners.

I am watching an amazing process unfold. I am in the basement of 21 East Hollis Street and the marketing and communication team of SNHH are arranging, bagging and packing care packages to the families of Ryder Hospital. We are surrounded with mounds of pillows, towels, sheets, clothes and air mattresses.

The team members have big smiles on their faces. Alex Lessard, who along with his colleagues spent the last few days shopping for a few items to round out the wish lists, said it is wonderful knowing that so many people have come together to help others so far away.

The team has been communicating with many of the over 75 employees and community members who came together in a short period of time to collect the necessary items. “Everyone seems genuinely engaged in this huge endeavor. Many, many people have had a role in helping Ryder, this is Southern New Hampshire Health TEAMWORK.”

Drew Walker was counting, but stopped long enough to look up with a smirk and said, “this feels good”. Audra Burns was folding children’s clothes for a family and was contemplative. “ This is my son’s size. It is hard for me to to think about my son not having clothes.” She hopes that somehow these donations convey the sentiment and support our community has for the people of Ryder.

Suzanne Tammaro said she was impressed with the lengths that people went to find tropical weight clothing appropriate for Puerto Rico here in New Hampshire, where the stores are filled with the necessities of our arctic-like weather. Jackie Clancy summed it up, it’s humbling to see how many people have reached out to help. More than 75 employees have donated generously to support the 38 families identified by Ryder as having lost almost everything.

More than 15 boxes with more than 60 bags of donations are in the process of being packed and these donations will soon be transported to Delta airlines for cargo shipment. The finishing touch are personalized cards from staff that will be placed in each individual bag addressed to the specific employees and families of Ryder Hospital.

Delta will give us a date for shipment once we get the supplies to them. We are finalizing the logistics on how the care packages will then go from San Juan to Humacao and the families. We will keep you posted!

I am very proud of the SNHH community as we come together in spirit with the Ryder Hospital community.


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